Shane Mcnamara

Shane McNamara joined the U.S. Air Force in 2011, and after 3 years of
standard police work in Germany, he jumped at his 1st chance to become a
United States Air Force K9 Handler.   His school was in Lackland Air Force Base, where he graduated with remarks from the top K9 training program in the world.
His training included: K9 Health and Welfare, Principles of Conditioning,
Commands, Corrections, and K9 Psychology & amp; Physiology.  He learned how to train and handle attack dogs and detect for Explosives and Narcotics. He learned to be a combat lifesaver for K9’s, treating shock, bloat, bullet wounds and much more, learning how to trust his K9 partner to save his life and others.

After returning home he worked directly for the President of the United States, Vice President and foreign heads of the state conducting k9 explosive sweeps at premier Andrews Air Force Base where he went on to learn the in-depth integrated base defense as well as supervising PSD teams, static security, and asset protection. Shane McNamara achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant and deployed around the world in many joint military operations partnered with his military working dog Blecky. Working with his canine partner, he developed an inseparable bond that only a handler and dog can comprehend.

This is when he realized that his purpose was to bring this incredible gift to other veterans, through training the world’s most obedient dogs and instructing the worlds most elite handlers courses overseas.  After separation from the military in November of 2017, he created Bellum k9 LLC, built upon the philosophy of controlled signals training, positive reinforcement, positive pressure collar training and Shane McNamara’s self-developed technique of positive E-collar marking and positive reinforcement. Named “Hybrid E-Collar training”.


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