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Are you looking to have an awesome, obedient dog that listens and does commands every time? Do you want the skill and knowledge to train your dog or even become a dog trainer for others? I will work with you online to make you a great at home dog trainer! This course is for those serious about learning to train dogs or people looking to have amazingly trained dogs. Learn from Shane Mcnamara, US Air-Force Presidential K9 handler, Trainer and Owner of Bellum K9 Inc. Since 2017 Shane has grown Bellum k9 inc to gross over 3 million dollars in revenue from government contracts, private training and dog sales. He's trained thousands of dogs with the methods taught in this course. Learn from his skills and become a great knowledgeable trainer or just add some tools/terminology to your belt! In this package you receive wealth of knowledge! Unlimited exclusive access to instructional videos and advanced knowledge that has proven military working dog and civilian application! $2500 DOLLAR VALUE in person, Online for $99.00. Its a No- Brainer, let's learn via easy to watch videos.

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